Hail, Hydration

It’s a pun. Because I just saw CapAm2. Gods, that was a really good movie.

Everyone always jokes about how unpredictable Texas weather is. It’s totally not a joke. It can be terrifying. We had a pretty scary little storm this afternoon. As I haven’t told you, and you probably don’t know, I just got a new bike last week – my old new bike got stolen. That makes three of my bikes that have been stolen since 2010. – and got it all nice and fixed up on like Tuesday. The chain broke while I was in traffic and took a chunk out of my ankle, so I had to get that fixed, y’know?

Anyway, my bike was outside work in the hail and I wanted to save xir – my bike is non-binarily gendered – from getting crushed so I pulled on my jacket and hat like a boss and ran into the storm and took two d4 of ice damage. Now my ear is a little swollen and I have bruises all down my legs. I am sore all over from it; some of the chunks almost took off my glasses.

I’m thinking this means that Ragnarok is still on. I saw a post on tumblr saying that Ragnarok starts with a really prolonged and violent winter. So maybe the world IS ending after all. How exciting!

Anyway, excited to see what direction Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD takes after some of the events in The Winter Soldier. Should be good. I finally started and got caught up with SHIELD. I also got caught up with the new season of Hannibal, and watched the first season of NBC Dracula – that show’s great btw. Almost as good as Hannibal. Loved it.

Going to bed. Love you, or whatever. Stay safe in the weather. It’s mean.

Dear Wind,

Good for neither HEP, nor agriculture

Good for neither HEP, nor agriculture

I understand that you are very important to both tides and agriculture. I get that. But despite its many waves and fierce beauty, my hair is not the ocean. Despite the fact that it grows, my hair is not crops.

So please stop fucking with it.



Funny, funny things

me: *rummaging around looking for clothes*

me: *finds baby onesie purchased for friend*

me: *throws it at roommate, who I recently exclusively sleep with* Here

BJ: What’s this for?

me: Congratulations~

BJ: Congratulations? Oh you’re pregnant? Cool, who’s the father?


me: *dies laughing*


I’m healing! As in, I’m almost well. I have been doing the rest and fluids thing, and I’ve been steadily improving. Today I woke up and could breathe through my nose!! Best day ever. Now I’m having tea and preparing to have chicken soup. Smells so good.


Chicken soup for the stomach

I expect, and by expect I mean hope, that I’ll be well enough to celebrate Mardi Gras tomorrow night. Huzzah!

Now it’s time for soup, tea, and more Merlin marathon :)


Let’s talk about the colours of my lovers’-past eyes.


My eyes are brown. I like brown eyes

Dan was my first cereal boyfriend. He was English, his eyes were grey. In the sun in the conservatory with 45s playing on his turntable they looked exactly the same colour as the channel in October. No joke. They were full of laughter and lies. Super easy to read him.

Jon was my high school boyfriend. He was a redneck and stupidly proud of his racism and homophobia. His eyes were hazel I think? I get sick to my stomach when I think about his eyes. I’m lucky I got away.

Coll was my first apartment boyfriend. He was a white American boy. His eyes were blue. Like ice blue. Very pretty, very guileless. I think he probably treated me better than any other bf I’ve had. I’m glad we’re friends again now.

Brian was my freshman uni boyfriend. He was Korean-American and had brown eyes. They went golden, like dark honey, in the sunlight. I don’t know that he ever told me any truth. I think he maybe was in incredible pain. Idk.

Idr what color Jade’s eyes were. I think she said they were green. I remember she mostly looked upset at me. I was not an amazing girlfriend.

BJ isn’t a boyfriend and isn’t past, but his eyes are brown. They’re dark and warm and surprisingly deep. He almost never looks me in the eye, but when he does it kinda makes me dizzy.

It’s important to remember good things. It’s important to acknowledge that things that used to matter might not anymore. The colour of Dan’s eyes will always matter. The colour of Coll’s will always be a pleasant memory when I stumble upon it, but the colour of Jon’s eyes is better forgotten, along with that entire relationship. And the colour of Brian’s…probably won’t matter next year. But they were so beautiful at the time.